Advisory Panel

In forming our advisory panel, we look to people who can help us in our goal of providing people with what they need to live and work in the 21st century as well as assist the corporation in obtaining funding.  Several of our current Advisory Committee members can perform both functions, while some have more expertise in one area or the other.

Cheryl Buettner
River Springs Charter School,
Temecula Student Center
DaVinci Middle School Academy Science Teacher

After completing her Bachelors Degree in Zoology at UC Berkeley, Cheryl Buettner worked for five years in biomedical research, including positions with SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International, Syntex Pharmaceuticals, and the Stanford Medical Center Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Since entering the field of education, she has worked with students ranging from preschool through adults in both formal and informal classroom settings. Mrs. Buettner served as the Education Coordinator for the Grassland Environmental Education Center and the GATE Coordinator for the Los Banos Unified School District. She currently teaches Science and Theater Arts for the DaVinci Middle School Academy at the Temecula Student Center of River Springs Charter School.

Brent Bumpus

Mr. Bumpus is President of Bumpus and Associates. Mr. Bumpus is a planner and inventor. He has designed several large projects and is assisting in the design of the Banning Science and Technology Center. Mr. Bumpus has designed several of our proposed exhibits, as well as a 21st century building method, which we expect to use in the construction of our building.

Ludwig J. Cibelli, M.D.
Body Experience Committee
The Science Experience

Ludwig Julian Cibelli has been a resident of Beaumont, CA since 2004. He is from New York City. He graduated with his MD degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. then moved to the Inland Empire for his Residency training in Family Medicine in 1973. After serving on the Faculty of the San Bernardino County Medical Center Department of Family Medicine, he opened an office in Lake Arrowhead and practiced there for 15 years. He became Board certified in Emergency Medicine and practiced in the Emergency Rooms of several Inland Empire hospitals. He practiced at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital (SGMH) from 1994 until 2015. As Medical Director of the Emergency Department at SGMH he guided the physician staff as the patient volume grew from 11,000 visits to 36,000 visits a year. He is currently practicing Emergency Medicine on a full time basis in the Inland Empire

He has been active with our new local School of Medicine at the UC Riverside Campus and is on the Faculty as a student mentor and teacher of first year students.

He serves the San Gorgonio Pass community. He had been a member of the SGMH Board of Directors for 13 years and raised money for the Hospital as a member of its Foundation for 4 years. He is a community Rotarian for 12 years and serves as a Director of the Table of Plenty feeding those in need in our Pass area. Recently, he has been appointed as Co-Chair of the Arts Conference Planning Committee of The Cultural Alliance on Banning

Dr. Pamela Clute
Professor Emerita
UC Riverside


At the end of August 2016 we lost Dr. Clute at the age of 66.  She worked with us for four years assisting in the development of our mathematics offerings.  She will be sorely missed.

Dr. Clute is a keynote speaker at the annual Science and Technology Education Partnership conference held in Riverside, California each October. Her dedication to education is outstanding, especially her promotion of mathematics education for women and girls. She works with school districts, politicians and the military promoting STEM education. Her passion is in keeping girls interested in mathematics and science as they progress through their school years and beyond.

Melissa De Roule
Finance/Project Management
Seagate Technology

Ms. De Roule is in financial management at Seagate Technologies, the world’s largest manufacturer of hard drives for computers.  She has experience in Analytics, Research, Cross-functional team leadership, and Project Administration.  Ms. De Roule holds a Masters in Criminal Justice, a BS in Finance and a BA in Psychology in addition to ten other college degrees.  She is currently assisting the Banning Science and Technology Center with its budget projections, its website development, and in obtaining funding.

Dr. Marshall Gartenlaub
Director of Development
Technical Employment Training, Inc.
San Bernardino, CA

Dr. Gartenlaub retired after a three pronged career in engineering, business and education in 2010 as Statewide Director for the California Community Colleges where he led the Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies, part of California’s Economic and Workforce Development Program. He continues to write and consult on major grants in Logistics, Career Technical Education, and Nano-Technologies. In addition to his current work with TET a private non-profit vocational trade school for displaced adults, he currently serves as Chair of the Education and Research Community for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and member of the state’s Carl Perkins VTEA Advisory for Industrial and Technical Education.

As a noted speaker, writer, and guest lecturer, Dr. Gartenlaub has been a strong supporter for industrial economic development, assisting small and mid-sized businesses to upgrade or implement new methods and advanced technologies. He has worked tirelessly with business associations, educational institutions, legislative bodies, and economic agencies to make sure that the United States maintains its manufacturing leadership and workforce competitiveness.

Valerie Hanson
Banning Central Elementary
Banning, CA

Ms. Hanson will be working with us on exhibits for the younger crowd.  She currently teaches kindergarten at Central Elementary in Banning, CA.  She operates the science club for third and fourth graders at that school and has done so for the last twenty years.  Each year her science club members are introduced to a variety of experiments, ranging from Chemistry and Biology to Environmental Science. Her science club students are well represented at district and regional Science Fairs, earning gold, silver and bronze medals. She serves as the Science Coordinator at her school and she was the CSIN District Coordinator for the school district.  Ms. Hanson currently has eighty students in the science club; however attendance has ranged from fifty to two hundred in any given year.

Dr. Bahram Mobasher
UC Riverside

Dr. Mobasher is widely known in the field of cosmology. He has worked on the Hubble Space Telescope and its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope. He has used the Hubble and the Keck Observatory in Hawaii to view the beginnings of the universe. He participated in the discovery of the expansion theory of the universe and is currently working on the structure of dark matter and dark energy. He will be working with us to insure that our planetarium is designed to the most modern specifications and that our presentations are current and relevant.

Liberty Naud
First Robotics

A decorated US Army Veteran, Liberty has always been very dedicated to serving her country and her community. She now chooses to serve by helping students develop an early passion for science and technology through fun hands-on programs like robotics, and does this through the non-profit organization she founded: Science Math and Robotic Technology Education.
She is a FIRST LEGO League Tournament Director, a FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner, and the Inland Empire FIRST Robotics Competition Program Development Director as well as a robotics and business mentor to over 20 robotics teams across the Coachella Valley. When she isn’t crawling on the floor building robots with kids of all ages, she is running free workshops for teachers and students on robotics engineering and programming across Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Liberty is currently the President of Los Angeles Robotics and was recently elected as the California Delegate for Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress. She was chosen as one of three Top Robotics Educators by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy in 2013. Liberty is a member of the Coalition for Science After School and has served as a Neighborhood Watch Captain for 6 years.

Mike Rose
Retired Educator

Mr. Rose was a counselor at Mount San Jacinto College – San Gorgonio Pass campus (MSJC). Mr. Rose has spent most of his career in education. He is working to build academic support for this project within MSJC and other educational institutions. Although his background is as an historian, he is an engineer at heart. His entire professional career has been spent educating children. He has served on the boards of directors of several nonprofit agencies, both education and business related. Mr. Rose serves as our primary interface with the education community.

Ruth Rutherford
Retired Teacher
Banning, CA

Ms. Rutherford’s first memory of "science" per se was as a student at Banning High School – and it was not pleasant.  As she sat in class trying to understand the concept of electricity, a student asked the following question:  "What happens to the electricity in the cord when you unplug the appliance?" Everyone else in the class wanted to ask the same question, but only one was brave enough to ask.  The teacher looked at the questioning student with an incredulous look that said:  “That's the stupidest question I ever heard in my life” and never answered the question.  She never forgot that question and often wondered what the answer was.

Rather than turn her away, that experience later led her to promote real science while teaching in Banning schools.  As a Banning teacher she was an elementary science mentor for awhile.  She brings a passion for science that we all too often do not see today.  To quote Ms. Rutherford:  “Hands-on science still excites me!”  We are fortunate to have her on our Advisory Panel.

Joseph A. Scarcella, Ph.D.
California State University, San Bernardino,
College of Education
Professor of Education
Assistant Assistant Dean PDC

Dr. Scarcella is a professor of education at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). He has had the privilege to serve as coordinator leading the MA and BS in Career and Technical Education, and works closely with designated subject credentialing responsibilities. He is a strong advocate of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education and was instrumental in the development of the MS in Integrated STEM Education at CSUSB. His efforts are focused on, but not limited to technological literacy (the study of technology, not just computers, electronic or digital devices), STEM education, the development of professional development labs, summer institutes for teachers and students, presenting and publishing, and strongly advocates that academic and career and technical education curriculum integration are essential for life-long learning. Prior to joining the CSUSB, he coordinated the Technical Communications program at Southeast Missouri State University in the Department of Industrial and Engineering Technology, taught high school Industrial Technology Education, was employed as division manager, and served our country honorably as a commissioned U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Officer.

Yamileth Shimojyo
Science Coordinator
Riverside County Office of Education
Riverside, CA

Mrs. Shimojyo is the Science Coordinator for the schools within the Riverside County School Districts. She has a Masters Degree in Educational Instruction from CSU San Bernardino and is Bilingual English/Spanish. Mrs. Shimojyo also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences. She has responsibility for the science fairs, the SCAN CaMSP grant, and supports logistics and instructional services for science instruction. She was a Research Assistant in cancer studies at the UCI Medical Cancer Center before becoming an educator. She brings over 16 years of experience in science education to our organization.

Dr. Maria Simani
Executive Director
California Science Project

The CSP is administered by the University of California. It is a network of regional sites housed in the departments of science at universities and independent colleges in California and provides the infrastructure for science professional development across the state. The CSP develops and enhances teachers’ content knowledge and supports teaching practices to improve science learning for students in grades K-12.

“Recent test scores indicate that California’s students perform abysmally in science, especially economically disadvantaged and minority students,” Dr. Simani said.  “In particular, I am interested in identifying and addressing barriers that create gaps in opportunities for students to access STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – education. In many schools I see a lack of advanced science courses and too few students taking them.  This directly results in a lack of diversity in the STEM workforce.”

Dr. Simani is hopeful that there will be an increase in science test scores for all the student subgroups and an increase in the percentage of these students, women in particular, that decide to major in a STEM field and continue on a STEM career path.  She is currently assisting the Banning Science and Technology Center in obtaining funding.  She will also be assisting us in establishing a curriculum for teaching teachers.

Dr. Mary Kay Switzer
Artistic Director, ART
Banning, CA

An award-winning director, author, playwright, educator, and actor, Dr. Mary Kay Switzer’s credentials include—among others Britain’s National Theatre, the Guthrie Theatre, Kohler Foundation Arts Center, and Canada’s Manitou-Wabing Corporation, and two “Outstanding Teacher” awards. Her folk opera, “Karolee Fairaday,” has been sponsored by several Fine Arts Councils in Colorado, Minnesota, and Arizona. A successful film and television producer, she has worked with Norman Corwin and Merv Griffin. A tenured faculty member at California Polytechnic Pomona University and a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Honorary Society as well as the Phi Beta Delta Honorary International Scholars Society, she has been a successful grant director. She has also served as a guest lecturer at Cambridge University in the UK for the Educational Distance Learning Network Project (EDEN). Her book, “The Beginning of Satellite Communication” is considered a landmark publication. Currently, she is Artistic Director of A Repertory Theatre (ART), President of the National Text and Academic Authors Association, and administrator of the National Edith Wortman Matrix Foundation Award, which she established. Dr. Switzer serves BSTC as an advisor on grant writing and fund-raising as well as providing artistic guidance on the development of the center.

John G. Williams, M.D.
Body Experience Committee
The Science Experience

Education and Experience
Pre-Med:  University of Oregon,  Eugene, Oregon  1964-1968
US Army Medical Corps Combat Medic, Vietnam 1968-1970, awarded Purple Heart
PreMed:  Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  1970-72, awarded  Academic Scholarship
Major: Mathematics,  Minor: Chemistry
Medical School: Dalhousie University, 1972-1976, M.D.
Internship: Dalhousie University, 1976-1977
General Practice, Hawthorne, NV, 1977-1978
Residency:  General Surgery, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Leavenworth, Kansas, 1978-1979,
San Joaquin County Hospital, French Camp, California 1979-82
General Surgeon, Private Practice, Calais, Maine 1982-1984
General Surgeon, CIGNA Healthplans of Southern California, 1984-1988. Clinician of the year award
Medical Director, General Med HMO, Orange, California, 1988-90
Medical Director, Aetna Healthplans of Southern California, San Bernardino, CA, 1990-92
Medical Director, Physicians of Greater Long Beach IPA, Long Beach, CA 1992-94
Medical Director, Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center, Fountain Valley, California 1994-96
California Emergency Physicians (CEP), Emergency Medicine Physician, San Gorgonio Memorial
Hospital, Banning, California, 1994-2012. Senior Partner, former QI Director, Chairman, Critical Care Sub Committee

Hospital Affiliations
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, Banning, California, 1994-2012

Community Service
Publicly elected Board Member, San Gorgonio Memorial Healthcare District, 2010-2012

Board Certification
American Board of Surgery, 1984
Board of Emergency Medicine, AAPS, 2002, Recertification, 2011
American Board of Physician Executives, 1992

Post Graduate Education
Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California, 1984-1986
Executive Management Certificate

Urgent Care Experience
Beaver Medical Group,  Banning, California 1998-2000

Professional Organizations (not current)
California Medical Association
Riverside County Medical Association

Special Interests:
Biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine
Critical Care technologies
Medical Humanities
Preventive Medicine and Age Management Medicine
Teaching, coaching, and mentoring avid truth seekers
Flying cameras
The physics of the ping pong ball

Eugene Worley
Principal Engineer, Qualcomm

Mr. Worley holds several patents and currently works at Qualcomm, a leader in advanced telecommunications products. He holds an MSEE with honors from UC Berkeley. He is widely published in the fields of Electrostatic Discharge, the structure of advanced semiconductor technologies and semiconductor reliability. Mr. Worley will be assisting us both in obtaining funding and in the design of advanced technology exhibits.

Additional advisory committee members will come from the faculties of the school districts and institutions of higher learning, and we hope from the Native American community in the service area.  Advisory members representing the business community and government are also being actively recruited.

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